Business Development Consulting

Marry Hennen Strategic leader with a twenty-year proven track record of scaling businesses and improving operating results by aligning vision, resources and commitments to maintain momentum and competitive advantage. Seasoned at assessing business models, understanding aspirational dimensions of organizations, formulating strategy, translating strategy into action within matrix-managed organizations structures and measuring performance.

Known for making the journey a rewarding experience for those involved. Extensive industry experience with top 100 retailers, multi-channel merchants and the consumer electronics industry. Pioneered work in the direct-to-consumer database marketing area. Read more.


"She has a solid command of the strategic business drivers within traditional retail and direct response companies - both consumer and business-to-business dimensions."
        -- Rick Erwin, senior vice president, Experian

"My observations in working with her is that she understands the importance of a multi-channel approach and the key elements in how to execute that strategy."
        -- Charles Silver

"Mary conducts herself, throughout her career, with the highest of personal and professional integrity. She is passionate about the industry and making a different within an organization and the people that are under her direction."
        --Cindy Elzinga, senior vice president of IT strategy, Forsythe

"Mary is a superstar, a one-of-a-kind nimble business executive, who has a proven track record of working effectively across channels and platforms, while engaging in a professional, strategic and thought-leadership manner which have made her and all those she interacts with to be more successful."
        -- Fredrick Neil, founder and president, SMA-corp

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